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Poor plating solution
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The poor quality of the plating is mostly caused by plating conditions, abnormal plating equipment or electroplating syrup, and human negligence. It is usually easier to find out the cause when the site is bad, but it is more difficult after a period of plating. However, in the future, it is necessary to pay attention to the contact with sour gas, oxygen, water, etc. in the environment to accelerate the oxidation and corrosion. The following chapter will discuss the causes of the poor plating and the countermeasures for improvement.
The development of electroplating industry in 2010 showed five major trends
If 2009 is the most difficult year for the Chinese economy in the new century, then 2010 will be a more complicated year for domestic and international situations. New situations and new problems in the economic operation are constantly emerging, testing the implementation effects of macroeconomic policies, and bringing challenges and tests to the government's ability to regulate and control. For the electroplating industry, no doubt, 2009 is a year of crisis and turnaround. Even so, we must admit that in 2010, the entire electroplating industry will continue to develop at an amazing speed and see its new look.
In the future, the development trend of China's electroplating industry can be summarized into the following five points:
1. Decorative and functional plating technology will continue to develop. With the development of automobiles, electronics, household appliances, aviation, aerospace industry, construction industry and the corresponding decorative industry and the improvement of people's needs for beautification, the electroplating products The decorative and functional needs will increase significantly.
2. Some traditional decorative plating may be replaced by spraying, physical vapor deposition, etc., and the demand for functional plating products is on the rise.
3. Some highly polluting electroplating processes may be replaced by the clean electroplating industry, such as cyanide-free electroplating, trivalent chromium plating, cadmium-based, and chrome-plated coatings, which will have an upward trend.
4. Some high-tech technologies with good performance and no pollution will enter the Chinese market, such as Dacrotized coating, Corrosil process, etc.
5. The management level of enterprises is low. Most electroplating enterprises still follow the extensive management mode and adapt to the market's ability to change.
Except for some joint ventures and export enterprises, most companies do not have a sound industrial management system, and most companies lack plating analysis and coating testing equipment and technical strength. The development direction of electroplating enterprises is strictly speaking that it should develop with the development of national manufacturing. As far as manufacturing is concerned, the world's manufacturing centers are now moving to China, so some advanced equipment and advanced manufacturing methods are also being transferred to China. The supporting electroplating industry must also conform to the development of modern manufacturing. Strictly speaking, the level of domestic electroplating technology is not much different from that in foreign countries. We all know that some foreign-invested additives companies are promoted in China. The gap between domestic and foreign companies is mainly in equipment, that is, in electroplating equipment, especially in electroplating industry. The level of the equipment is very different. One is equipment investment, and the other is that the manufacturing level of equipment is still relatively low. The future direction of electroplating enterprises must be the survival of the fittest. Only adapt to the development of modern manufacturing, on the one hand is the quality of products, on the one hand is the after-sales service system, as well as the level of equipment and equipment, and then environmental protection, the implementation of the enterprise is the level of water treatment.
Electroplating equipment boosted China's electrolytic aluminum output by 2.68% in November
The Asian Metals Data Center showed that China's electrolytic aluminum production increased by about 80,000 tons to 2.86 million tons in November, an increase of 2.68% from the previous month and an increase of 11.76% year-on-year. From January to November, China's total output of electrolytic aluminum was about 29.25 million tons, an increase of 2.55%.

The output of electrolytic aluminum in Shandong is about 810,000 tons, ranking first in the country. The output of electrolytic aluminum in Xinjiang is about 540,000 tons, ranking second in the country. In the past six months, the output of electrolytic aluminum in Xinjiang has been basically stable. The debt cost and transportation impact have restricted the local production speed. Xinjiang Zhonghe has resumed production. Tianlong Mining is expected to start production in December, and it is expected that Xinjiang's electrolytic aluminum production will be produced in December. Will increase slightly.

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Four major countermeasures to solve the problem of the surface treatment industry in the post-crisis era
Why do the coatings sometimes blister or even fall off?
在生产中,氰化物铜锡合金镀层有时出现镀层起泡甚至脱落的现象。为什么会发生这种现象呢?一般有下列原因。 (1)除油不干净:电镀前部分未除净的油膜使金属与镀液隔离。影响金属离子在阴极沉积,严重时甚至镀不上金属。对附有较薄油膜制件,即使镀上了表面良好的镀层,实际上也是结合不牢固的。在一定条件下(镀层的厚度增加引起的应力增加;镀铬时高温高电流的冲击;机械抛光的强冲击力及由摩擦产生的高温等)的影响下,镀层就
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