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Maintaining noble sentiment and eternal respect for people is the source of deep Lianfa's cohesiveness; professional ethics and business ethics are our code of conduct; pursuit of excellence, technological innovation is our development requirement; professional, learning, innovation, dedication, pragmatism, Cooperation is the essence of our culture.



Shenzhen MediaTek believes that talent, technology, management, products and opportunities are the main traction of the company's growth. The success of an enterprise comes from the creative labor of employees; the carrier (talent) from knowledge and technology; the ability to use managers and the rational use of capital. Reflecting the value of the company with knowledge, technology, labor and teamwork.



Affirming the company's business philosophy, employees who are diligent and enterprising in their own positions are the company's talents. Do not use academic qualifications and qualifications as the standard for measuring talents: the company advocates doing things first, paying attention to actual ability and performance; promoting the leader, leading by example, and cultivating and finding the best people forever is the inherent requirement for the continuous growth of Shenzhen Media Technology.



The achievement of strategic goals depends on the ability to execute the strategy. Implementation is to implement the plan in a step-by-step process, through phased confirmation and audit, to establish the necessary link between execution and results, to prevent low-handedness, to say nothing, to require employees to be down-to-earth, serious and responsible work style, improve The efficiency of the entire company's operations.



Deep Lianfa Technology creates high-end products for electroplating equipment, and adheres to the design philosophy of “environmental protection, energy saving, innovation breakthrough, excellence”, and creates value for customers and partners through leading high-tech. Quality and service are the biggest guarantee for customers, and also serve as the two pillars of the company's brand.