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LED selective local silver plating equipment

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The biggest feature of the single-piece or roll-to-roll LED/LCD continuous partial silver plating production line is that the product finishes the surface treatment in the process of continuous plating through the equipment, achieves the surface treatment conditions required for production, and ensures the continuity of the strip and Integrity, convenient packaging and post-processing. It has extremely high requirements on equipment. The most important thing is to ensure the stability and uniformity of the coating when the tens of meters of production line is passed. Deformation. The equipment can be partially plated with thick silver in the functional area (or cup), and the rest is plated with thin silver to save raw materials and reduce costs.

The equipment is all managed by programmable controller (PLC), with temperature control, rectifier automatic control, liquid level control, automatic material addition and statistics, automatic PH value control, output statistics, automatic fault detection and display, equipment maintenance tips, etc. .